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Thread: Vocal Mic Invitational next week

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    Vocal Mic Invitational next week

    This just in from ProSound News. I was involved in the one last year and will be involved again this year. I hope to see you there. If you've never seen Oceanway Studio, this is a great opportunity. It is a wonderful facility. Also the presentations are very informative and the panel at the end of the day will be something you don't want to miss.

    The Vocal Microphone Invitational
    A Special One-Day Studio, Stage & Wireless Microphone Event

    The human voice is a remarkably complex musical instrument, with as many
    variations as there are individuals. Capturing vocals for live presentation
    is a challenging task, complicated by a number of often competing goals and
    restrictions. Recording vocals is equally challenging, with its own set of
    technical and artistic concerns.

    In last year's hugely successful Vocal Microphone Invitational, the marriage
    of voice and studio microphone was explored. This year, we expand the scope
    of the event to include not only studio miking but also wireless and stage
    microphones for live performance. The second Vocal Microphone Invitational
    is scheduled for July 22nd in Nashville, returning by popular demand to
    Belmont University’s Oceanway Nashville Studio A (www.oceanwaystudios).

    Sponsors to date are ADK, AKG, CAD and Shure. This year’s presentations will
    be similar in format to last year’s event, with a male and female vocalist
    on hand to perform on demand, their a cappella voices used to demonstrate
    differences between the microphones. Participating manufacturers will be
    given equal opportunity to make presentations, call upon the vocalists and
    will have an exhibit area with hardware, literature, and eager personnel
    ready to answer attendees’ queries. Manufacturers will also choose the
    microphones they present, with vocal microphones for stage and studio
    included. The event will begin midday, with a complete An all star panel of
    studio and live engineers, discussing the art of capturing vocals will
    follow the serial presentations by manufacturers.

    Clair Brothers Nashville is providing ace technical assistance for the
    event, with additional expertise from the AES Nashville section. Attendance
    is open and free for the greater Nashville engineering community, students
    and attendees of NAMM’s Summer Session. Additional schedule details and
    panelists will be announced later this week.
    Lynn Fuston
    3D Audio

    Making beautiful music SEEM easy since 1979.

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    I'd hope to be there, too, but I have not recieved an invitation.

    Bill Park
    Welcome Home Studios

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    "Come on down."

    There you go. What more could you want?
    Lynn Fuston
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    Making beautiful music SEEM easy since 1979.

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