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Thread: Yamaha DM1000 AD/DA Converter Quality?

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    Yamaha DM1000 AD/DA Converter Quality?

    I'm trying to decide whether to go with the DM1000 digital console, or use seperate converters, preamps, and control surface. I think coverter quality is the most important decision point for me, since I can always add a really good preamp (Great River, or Buzz Audio, etc.) for the most critical recording channels.

    The DM1000 would provide a lot of flexibility, but I'm concerned about being happy with the sound quality. If I didn't go with a DM1000, my plan would be to use a Lynx Aurora 16 for converters.

    Can anyone provide any comments, or comparisons with other converters?

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    Just my opinion, but from the standpoint of long term value, I believe that seperate pieces provides the user with several advantages. Seperate pieces allow you to upgrade, piece at a time, without incuring a huge cost and without having to learn an entirely new system, and without having to potentially loose something that you like to improve a part that you don't like so much.

    I'm also not very excited by digital consoles. The convenience and the features are hard to ignore, but they have such short lifespans comapred to their analog brothers. You can also argue that they don't sound very good, but this is subjective.

    A good analog console can become the hub of a system and basically never need changed, while digital boards seem to have a 12 month lifespan during which they are well respected, and after that they are less and less valued until eventually you are applogising for owning it, or you are replacing it.

    Good quality old consoles are still valued and respected 20 and 30 years after their manufacture. Know anyone bragging about owning a ten year old digital board?

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    Thank you for your advice.
    The long term value of a digital console versus separate pieces is certainly a major consideration.

    Here is what is making the decision hard for me:
    Option A) The DM1000 is about $5k.
    Option B) Sixteen channels of (what I "think" are) pretty good converters (Lynx Aurora 16) is about $3k. The Mackie Control is about $1k. A unit for 5.1 channel monitor routing like the Coleman Audio SR5.1 MII is about $1k.

    So, up to this point I've spent $5k on either option. However, with option "B" I still don't have any preamps. Even if I plan to buy a great 2 channel preamp for the most critical channels in either option, I still need about 8 more channels of "use-able" preamps in option "B" (I want the ability to record at least 10 channels simultaneously). I figure that will cost about $2k more. At that point, for option "B" I still don't have the routing and cue mix flexibility I'd have with Option "A"; I only have 8 faders instead of 16; not to mention that the DM1000 could be used for live mixing; etc.

    That's why I'm thinking if the DM1000 converters are competitive with other available $3k/16 channel converters, and if the preamps in the DM1000 are usable, then it seems like a good option. Please set me straight if I'm missing something here.

    Thanks again.
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    Default little things like dynamic automation......

    I have installed and used the DM1000 and can say it is a fabulous tool. The converter quality is very good and the mix architecture is above reproach. For example it has 5.1 mix and monitor capability built in, which in itself separates it from competion anywhere near its price, but when you add in 4 SPX2000 effects units built in, and a very powerful dynamic automation (It has SMPTE or MTC lock built in) the sum becomes a little overwhelming. It is the same basic engine used in the DM2000, which was the tool that Eliott Scheiner used to mix The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and Steely Dan surround and stereo mixes on. When I asked Eliott if he used outboard reverbs on those projects, he said "nope, it is all on the console!" Sure, seperate everything is always a fun route, but this mixer will outlive the 1 year rule by a long shot.
    Allen Rumbaugh

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