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Thread: Here's the tentative list-thoughts?

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    although it would provide a benchmark to know how far we've come.
    I agree. It might be a benchmark. If you can't hear it, then don't worry. The CD would then be a great investment.

    I think the Lynx Aurora 8/16 is gaining a load of props, and may be - if true- the single most cost effective modern unit per channel out there. If it is the same components and design as the Lynx 2 then you have it covered. If not please consider.

    You know I've already said that the old ADAT XT 20 bit converters sound very very nice to me.

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    I didnt see the SSL Alpha Link AX in the list.We could add the B*ringer ADA8000 for the low-end.Eventhough I havent heard them directly I got good feedback from people whose ears I trust.

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