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Thread: Time to build, Questions

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    Time to build, Questions

    Now I've decided to improve my room, new walls, bass traps, dead celing..

    I've read some about this and it seems like most of you are considering a hard floor (wood, concrete, linolium) to be the best thing to keep the room alive.

    The Celing should be very well isolated, the more the better...

    I'm thinking about constructing thin wood stripes running 7 inches down holding up Rigid fiberglass and leaving a few inches air between the fiber and the celing.

    I will construct new walls made of wooden slats (bound together with 3 cross boards) 1" inch apart from each other.

    Between this wall and the existing concrete wall I will hang more rigid fiber but Im not sure how far from the woodwall? As I understand it the more distance from the original wall the better..right?

    Finally I will add a Bass trap in each corner built this way

    The room has I pretty bad shape for a recording room i suspect? .. Here is my whole plan

    Tips and help are more then welcome / Stefan

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    Have you gone to and read their info?


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    Be careful that you don't run into problems with fire code. Foam is very toxic when it burns and covering it with only wood is a problem. Most building code demands that faom be covered with drywall and usually 5/8's fire code board. I wouldn't want to in a room covered in wood, with foam behind it, if a fire ever broke out. take care Logan

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    Here is a good forum with some really good information on design and construction.

    Good luck,
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