Here is the list of mixers that have signed up, in the order that they have sent me Emails.
Devin Devore
Jim Dugger
Chris Putnam
David Frain
Jackson Burks
Kevin Perry
Lorenzo Gerace
Haigbabe (Need Address)
James Greenlee
Larry Sheehan
Lynn Fuston
Travis Wilchoite
David Christopher
T Alan
Brian Middleton
Mark Van Nostrand
Mike Himes
Edward Dobbs
Tony Zubrowski
Duncan Whitcombe
Sal Vito The man of Sound
Steve Parrish (Need Address)
Johannes Eberhard
Henry Grimmius
JohnD/SpringStone Studio
Logan Murray

We also have possibilities from a few guest mixers including John Wheeler, George Cumbee and Dave Martin, depending on their schedules when we finally get rolling.
If you are listed here and do not want to be involved please let me know ASAP.
I still don't have the tune in my hands yet but it has been transfered from the ADATs (big thanks to Tony Z for this work)and is now back in Devin's hands for a small submix to get to 24 tracks. I'm waiting to hear from Devin about when he can send it to me.
I have received entry fees from 5 folks which I'm just holding until I have the tune in my hands. I will not cash anyones check until I know we are truely on our way. So if you have not sent in your $10 entry fee please do so. If you are participating from Europe and want to include your fee as cash in your local currency or American or Canadian dollars, inserted in the case of the disc, containing your mix, that you will mail to me, please send me an email indicating that. If you see a need address beside your name I still need your mailing address. Take care Logan