Mixtravaganza II mixers.

1 Chris Putnam
2 Chris Wellman ( the original mix by the artist)
3 David Vespoint
4 Dick Cox
5 Eric Katte
6 Extreme Mixing
7 Jim Dugger
8 Johannes Eberhard
9 John Clark
10 Leo Golers
11 Marty Pezzella
12 Logan Murray, That's right mines the one everyone hates, I'm seriously thinking that you guys may all be wimps ;-). I ment the mix to sound the way it does and still like it, pretty much ahead of all the others. That said I hated the song and couldn't force myself to spend much time on it,( however I didn't sabatage it) but I will post my ideas and reaction to all the mixes at a latter date. I'm in a series of live gigs ATM and only have time to check in occasionaly, but I'll get a break after this weekend. Take care Logan