Originally posted by Chris R Gibson:
So let's nail this down and/or get on with the "GREAT ANALOG EMULATION PLUG IN SHOOT OUT EXTRAVAGANZAORAMA!"

Good news. I have discussed the next shootout, preliminarily dubbed the "Awesome Analog Soundalike Sampler," with the highly-respected maker of a much anticipated plug-in and he has agreed to let me try a prerelease version to demo what it is capable of doing. Good news indeed. I may also include some hardware options, even hopefully one that originated as a result of the DAWSUM CD. I'll keep you posted. It will be a while though, since work has taken off again.

I may ask some of you for assistance on this project as well since it goes a lot faster when I don't have to do everything myself. And there may be platforms needed that I don't have. Like HD or anything on a PC (Magneto and others). So if you have options that should be included and are willing to help out, let me know. You can just list them here.