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Thread: DAW Platform Specifics

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    DAW Platform Specifics

    The testers that were selected will report their system configurations here. This area is reserved specifically for them to list exactly what hardware and software versions were used to produce the mix that is included on their appointed platform.

    Please DO NOT include any file names in your description since I am going to keep the platform identities a secret until after people have heard the CDs and judged with their ears only. Thanks.

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    Lynn Fuston
    3D Audio

    Making beautiful music SEEM easy since 1979.

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    Time to get started on the details, I guess...fleshing out as I think of more

    CubaseSX 1.05.1
    Vegas Video 3.0c

    WinXP Pro
    Intel P4 2.26
    Intel D845GBVL
    1GB CAS 2 RAM
    Matrox Parhelia 128MB /2xPhilips 200P3
    MAGMA 7-Slot PCI Chassis
    VXA Tape Drive
    PlexWriter 48/24/48U
    MOTU 2408MKIII/308
    MOTU MIDI Express XT/USB
    UAD-1 3.0
    TC Powercore/Sony
    Mackie Control
    Waves 4.0
    Apogee AD8000 x 3
    AardsyncII/SyncDA Clock

    Vegas: SF Dither
    Cubase: Apogee UV22HR PlugIn (included) - tested to be exactly the same mix (file compare in Wavelab) as no dither at all - hmm?

    Cubase Mix C: Used new Waves 4.0 RenChannel insert for gain changes in the channel faders(-3) and master (+3). This produced a much closer to "unity" gain match than Cubase's faders. Vegas was so close, it did not need this.

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    Steve Powell - Bull Moon Digital

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    Logic 5.5

    Mac G4 Dual 533
    OS 9.1
    1GB RAM
    TC Powercore
    RME Digiface
    Lucid DA9624
    Lucid GENx6-96
    Presonus DigimaxLT (x2)

    Dither: Pow-r #1

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    Nashville, TN
    Protools 6 TDM using Mixplus hardware

    OSX 10.2.3
    MAC G4-400 AGP Graphics
    512 MB Ram
    Atto SCSI card
    Seagate Cheetah SCSI Drives
    ADAT Bridge interface
    Clocked from Crane Song Spider

    Dither from PT's stereo dithered mixer
    Kevin Perry
    Chameleon Music
    Nashville, TN

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    Songwriter Gulch, Nashville TN
    PowerMac 7500/Newer 400 G-3 w. 352 Meg. RAM, 512k Cache, Adaptec 2906 SCSI card, Adaptec firewire card

    System 9.1
    60G IBM deskstar firewire external, 4 gig Seagate Hawk external, 6 Gig Quantum Fireball external, 9 gig Quantum Atlas II external All formatted with ATTO Express Pro-Tools 2.3.2.,

    AudioMedia III

    Pro Tools® LE 5.2.1cs1, Memory allocation: 80325k
    DAE 5.1.1cs11 , Memory allocation: 140000k
    WAVES 4.09:

    Levels checked using Sony PCM-7030 metering.

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    Los Angeles
    Logic 5.5 on OSX Jaguar 10.2.4
    Ti Powerbook 1ghz. 1gb ram, 60g internal drive
    Additional metering internally was supplied by "Inspector" Audio Unit plug-in from Elemental Audio.

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    I did this one by the numbers, meaning that I didn't even use the studio PCs, I used the office box to which I downloaded the files. There was no reason to even hear the results while doing the tests.

    The pertinent parts are:
    one home-built dual processor machine based on the Asustek dual motherboard with:

    2 One gig Intel P-3s
    1 gig RAM
    some WD IDE 7200 rpm hard drive
    a SCSI card and Plextor 8/2/20 burner
    Windows XP Pro SP 1
    Roxio EZCD CReator
    SAWStudio 2.9

    There is a boatload of other stuff in the machine, but I don't think that it is relevant.


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    Montreal Canada
    Soundscape Red32

    PIII 733
    512 sdram
    Win. 2000
    Plextor 16/10/40a
    Roxio EZCD CReator

    Mind you I don't tax the cpu or memory.

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    Fort Wayne, IN
    Mixer: Ramsa DA7
    Recorder: Tascam MX-2424
    Metering: Finalizer+
    Bob Phillips

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    Here's the pertinent elements of my rig:

    ProTools HD4, ProTools 5.1.3, Mac OS 9.2.2

    Mac G4/733
    192 I/O w/extra D/A card
    Sync I/O
    Magma 4 slot, two fixed 80 gig WDJ800 HD's,
    one removable, all Granite Digital FW.
    Sony AIT drive
    Control 24
    Mastering Lab 10 monitors with Doug Sax
    modified power amp

    Levels checked with Spectra Foo, and
    Tascam CD-RW 2000 meters.

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