"Great minds run in the same ruts.

I thought of that too. I just sent an email to someone about doing just that. But it wouldn't be a fair test because there would be an additional DA-AD layer in there, so the analog mix would be different before the summing even was considered. But it could be accurately calibrated and would be very close.

Let me think about that one some more. Interesting it would be, no doubt.

But then, I'd have to keep all the identities secret so no one would know which was which until after they mailed in their ballots. Which might be cool anyway. Anyone that gets the CD has to send in their ballot to get the answers. Hmmm. That would keep people really honest. Or scare them off completely.



Lynn Fuston
3D Audio Inc. "
Yeah... keepin' people honest is the way to go

While it's true there would be additional AD and DA conversions in the chain, I feel an accurately calibrated analog reference would be immensely valuable... just as that... as a reference...

An analog mix would help you see how much detail (if any) is lost in the math and rounding errors by digitally mixing... Without an analog reference... how will you know how good your "best" digital summing really is? Maybe even with 48 bit processing, you are still missing a lot of low level detail.. or maybe it's better? Let's find out!

Maybe a Dangerous 2 buss (designed EXACTLY for this kind of combining- the designers claim it is WAY better than going digital for the mix buss in PT-again.. let's find out...) or some real console like a neve or SSL or something might be a good choice for a reference...

Also... to be fair... for testing purposes... all tracks should be set at unity gain on each of the digital mixers (and analog mixer) when the signals are combined...

That way, who ever is doing the mixes does absolutely ZERO volume adjustment; all volume adjustment would be done digitally on the tracks ahead of time to create a mix, so the ONLY variable is the mix bus.

Was that the plan?

I BET you... the relative balances between instruments will be slightly different on each mixer... maybe there will be too much snare on one.. possibly too much bass on another... It will be interesting to see what happens...