With all due respect, Lynn, I think you misunderstood what I meant by my saying "I like gospel, but that's not the point."

I was responding to your comment that anyone who would be offended by the music being gospel need not apply. I meant that it doesn't matter what kind of music it is for the purposes of this test. IMHO, it'd be a shame for anyone to close their mind to this project because they can't get past their belief system.

My comment had nothing to do with picking through the details of the original recording with a fine tooth comb, as you seem to have reacted to below.

Originally posted by 3D Audio Inc.:
<STRONG>Sorry if I seem a bit testy, but there is so much engineering minutia that we just love to scrutinize and dwell on that is completely immaterial in this matter.

Dither? No way. It's not under review.
Noise shaping? That's out as well.
Converters? Don't enter into it.
Plugins? Sorry, can't use them.
Maximizers? Not allowed.
Word Clocks? Insignificant here.
Panning Laws? Not a factor the way the test is designed.
Better mixing? Not an issue at all.
Louder? If it is, then it's wrong.
Recorded to? Doesn't matter.
Recorded with? Doesn't matter either.

This is a mathematical exercise and the resulting soundfiles will either be right in terms of level and panning, or they will be useless. There's no gray. It's just black and white.

If you null the ref mix with your mix and you hear snare, then it's wrong. Hear some bass guitar? It's wrong. There's no margin for error according to this test.</STRONG>