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Thread: Diff Pix as promised

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    Originally posted by Brian T:
    <STRONG>I don't know what causes the Oxford/PT differences, but I can spot them audibly 100% of the time.

    I know I should probably just let it go, but does this cause anyone besides me to question either the listening skills, technical skills or ????? about the previous tests that cited PT Mix and the Oxford as indistiguishable? Much was made of that at the time, IIRC.

    Somebody screwed up. Them or us? (I know what I think.)

    Lynn, BTW, can you run the differences on the #18? To my ear, that and #1 are the most pleasing of the DAWs, and in the case of #18 I believe the Peak and RMS levels all match to 1/100 of a dB and it nulls down to -117 IIRC. That would be very interesting to me as a difference picture, since that is the combination of the deepest null with the greatest sonic difference to my ears.

    Brian T</STRONG>

    OK, I'm so late to the party - but I've been busy - just trying to get onto this - so mix#1 is the only Standout mix as I go thru them - at least now I know I'm probably not imagining it - I know I'lll probably be eating some aged crow at some point for blurting this out , but I'm trying not to read ahead
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    Originally posted by 3D Audio Inc.:
    <STRONG>I didn't find any differences that were interesting enough to post.</STRONG>
    There were some intriguing differences however when I changed the scale to much higher resolution. I will post some of those as time allows.
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