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Thread: Face to Face with David Bock of Soundelux

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    Face to Face with David Bock of Soundelux

    This is a fascinating interview with David Bock of Soundelux that was conducted during the weekend of TapeOpCon 2004 in New Orleans. I was able to sit down with David and "talk shop" several times over the weekend and I found it so interesting and informative that I asked him to join me for a one on one interview which I videotaped. The video portion of the interview is being edited now but I can't resist sharing it with those of you who have helped support this site.

    In the interview you will hear David Bock and I talking about the background of Soundelux, his history as a maintenance tech at Oceanway, the first mics he ever modified, his latest creation-the E250, patterned after the ELA M250, whether his mics are recreations of classics or designs inspired by classics, several different classic capsule types (very informative), and what it's like making premium mics ($2-5K) at a time when LDCs can be purchased for $39.

    This audio only segment is 24:30 in length and is encoded as a 16K MP3 to keep the file size small and since it is voice only.

    To hear this audio clip, you must be a registered 3D VIP and for those who are, your password is on the way. To join, just click the link below and your password will be delivered shortly. The video portion will be available within the next few weeks to everyone.

    Special thanks to Nathan Adam-videographer, Larry Crane of Tape Op for the use of his suite, and Audio Technica for the mic.

    Face to Face with Lynn Fuston-David Bock of Soundelux Mics
    Lynn Fuston
    3D Audio

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    OK, I'm wanting a Soundelux mic now.

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