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Thread: Rupert Neve-Legendary Audio Masterpiece

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    Rupert Neve-Legendary Audio Masterpiece

    It is my distinct privilege to offer you the first opportunity to see Rupert Neve introducing and discussing his new Masterpiece box made by Legendary Audio. This was recorded at AES 2004 at the product launch, and in this 15 minute QT video (~14M), you will see Billy Stull, owner of Legendary Audio, and Rupert Neve, legendary console and preamp designer, discussing the various aspects and new ideas contained in this powerful mastering processor. The number of new alternatives and processing options in this "all analog" box are very impressive indeed.

    So enjoy this personal introduction by Rupert Neve himself talking about his latest revolutionary analog processor. Included are recollections of Neve history with references to George Martin, Geoff Emerick, and more. Here the whats and whys of the product design, the kind of info you don't get off a product literature sheet.

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    Rupert Neve discusses the Legendary Audio Masterpiece

    For more info on Legendary Audio, check
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    Wow, that is a cool piece of gear. The Legend still working his magic.

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