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Thread: Face to Face with Scott Hampton of Hamptone

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    Face to Face with Scott Hampton of Hamptone

    Scott Hampton is a preamp designer, one of the younger designers today, who I first met at Tape Op Con in Portland in 2003. His preamps and his company, Hamptone, have found favor with many people though they are still considered a bit "underground" as they are unknown to many in the recording mainstream. During the past few years, many have bought his preamps and even some of his preamp kits, which he first offered several years ago. Now he is selling only the preamp kits for very affordable prices, but I'm giving away his story. I'll let Scott tell you in his own words. This was the very first opportunity Scott and I ever had the chance to sit and chat privately.

    Face to Face with Scott Hampton of Hamptone

    This interview was conducted during TapeOpCon 2004 in New Orleans.

    Here's a picture of the finished preamp.

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    Great to hear this interview. I bought and built the HVTP2 which is an excellent piece of gear and a fun project.


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