Welcome to the Recorder’s Digest.

This is a place to share your stories and experiences with a perspective from our side of the glass. The topics and stories here should be about the human side of the audio engineer's experience: The silly things we do to get sounds, our unnatural obsessions with gear, and our experiences documenting and creating in that profession we call "recording music".

Let's keep the discussions about technique and gear in the other forums, and spend our time here talking about the things that we do more related to the human side of the business. Especially prized will be stories about sessions, "Eureka! moments" (as in, “Oh, wow, suddenly-this-all-makes-sense-to-me”, not the preamp made by PreSonus), and the winding, sometimes difficult path eventually leading to the finished mix or project.

Of course, in the spirit of 3D, let's keep it both professional and PG-13. Sanitizing stories to be anonymous and protect those that should be protected -- our clients -- should be considered appropriate for any post.

Let's make history.