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Thread: Is it too early to start conversation?

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    Default Is it too early to start conversation?

    Hey ... I was just wondering if it was too early to start talking about this project. My thought is that maybe we can chat a little about some of the approach we took, problems we faced, and how we got to where we did with the mixes.
    I know a lot of folks have already come up with a lot of excuses with this project but I think that is good. As a project with no money on the line I see this as a sketch mix type of thing. Meaning, we can take a little risk, it doesn't have to be perfect, and we can bounce ideas off of others.
    So if its ok with others I would kind of like to talk about the front end of this project some. Once we hear stuff I'm sure we will get more into how Joe got this sound, how we edited, how we used this piece of gear. But getting into the project ... what was the plan? How did you get to the direction you did and how do you feel your front end idea matched with the results.

    Devin DeVore

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    Maybe even a time when we could go into the chat room.

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    Go ahead Bro. It's always the right time to share ideas and techniques.
    A chat is a great idea and I'll put up a post asking when a good time is for folks. We do have folks in many time zones, so I'd like to find out if there's a time when the maximum number could participate. I'll take care of some needed house keeping soon as the benefit that I participate in for a dear departed friend Bernie Jaffe ran yesterday and now I'll have a little more time.
    What a show it was, 20 acts, all day, a big square dance on the street and some of the best musicians I've heard, all there to celebrate the life and music of Bernie. There were dozens of volunteers to coordinate and I did sound and moved bands off and on stage for almost ten hours straight. I haven't heard the final talley but we raised a decent amount of money for the fiddle camp that has been established in Bernies name. Every musician involved played for free.
    Now I'm off to a municipal council meeting in my role as scum bag politician, so hopefuly tomorrow I'll get to some stuff. take care Logan


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