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    Default I have an idea!

    May not be ground breaking or anything, but I'm just wondering how it would sound if you merge-pasted every audiofile in your mix in Wavelab. Haven't had the time to try it myself yet

    This is offcourse AFTER you have bounced each file individually from Pro Tools and thereby eliminating/minimizing summing errors...

    Isn't this even better than analogue summing, in terms of audio "purity"?

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    Personally, I don't trust Wavelab. It may be the version I have or that I am running it on a Celeron chip. As I recall, just doing a volume adjustment added artifacts to otherwise pure test signal. But, if you are interested in merging 24 bit fixed point tracks just do it in PT or whatever you're working in. Just render each track with a dither set to 24 bits. Sum these dithered tracks in one pass. Done. I have tested DP in this regard by summing 24 fixed point test signals, half of which were of opposite phase. You should of course get "infinity" on your meters.
    I do think there is a lot to be said for trying the fixed point sum, even if you just sum your busses at fixed point. I say this because as you sum 2 floating point samples (talking 32 float tracks and 32 bit accummulator here), one of the tracks dictates the scale of the result and so the other sample is compromised. If you dither everything to the same scale to begin with, there should be no truncation occuring. All at the expense of added noise .
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