Hey kids! I have a few folks deep in the Home Theatre DVD market ... as in folks producing content for all these home movie extras. It looks like things are gearing up BIG TIME for Blu-Ray. I also heard rumor of PlayStation 3 with Blu-Ray.
With it being compatable with CD and DVD I think its going to catch on a lot faster than DVD did. A launch is planned for 2006. And, just as DVD helped TSC build up our remote recording biz I feel Blu-Ray might open up more options.
What are your thoughts? For one we might see DVD costs drop and more content needed for productions. I've done several projects which were just add on's for something else ... for example I've done back stage interviews and other acoustic set recordings to support artists content. The biz isn't about putting out an album once a year anymore and hasn't been that way for a while. Its about finding content to produce, market, and sale.
What kind of impact do you think Blu-Ray will have?

For more information on Blu-Ray - www.blu-ray.com/

Devin DeVore