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Thread: Springtime mixes - my listening notes

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    Default Springtime mixes - my listening notes

    Well I'm happy to stick my neck out and give my opinions on the Springtime mixes. I didnt do a mix for this song so I wont be giving away which one is mine, but all the same I'd just like a nod from somebody that it's ok to go ahead with my opinions on these mixes.

    Before I do I ought to make a few things clear:

    1. I'm a complete amateur and really have no idea what I'm talking about
    2. I've found that when you're listening to a song over and over it's novelty that tends to grab your ear, whether good or bad.
    3. I'm listening critically and tend to notice the things I would do differently so most of my comments are negative rather than positive. I've tried to compensate for this as much as possible but don't want to offend anyone.

    I'll post as soon as Logan or somebody says it's ok to do so.


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    Post away my friend. take care Logan

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    I listened to the disc twice - on HR824s and sennheiser cans.

    Now, remember: I don't know what I'm talking about. Every thing I say here could well be plain wrong. These comments are in my humble (and ignorant) opinion.

    1. Nice smoothing (and tuning?) of violins. Vocal dynamic range where singer gets closer-further from mike could be better smoothed. Sounds raw, not necessarily bad but contrasts with very produced guitar sounds. Nice minimalist delay effect on vocal. Bit too much shine and prominence on hi hat & ride towards the end.

    2. nice reverb on violins & vocals intro. Great delay in accapella but cuts out a bit abruptly. Love the kick sound but a bit prominent (on my monitors). Electric guitars sound a bit thin when they kick in. Vocal tuning issues unresolved. Thin, noisy guitars around 4.00.

    3. Too much of the direct acoustic, sounds scratchy. Quite like the stylised vocal. Tuning issues though. Vocal gets much quieter after intro, sounds odd, maybe a limiter squashing the vocal when the other instruments are there?

    4. Awesome intro. Great overall sound, especially vocal. Nice effects. Great separation. Did I notice a slight arrangement edit in the guitar parts? Fanatastic mix, tight, punchy, powerful. I really appreciate the effort on this one. Out of tune vocal on 'in the daytime' only fly in the ointment.

    5. Another good mix, especially the guitars which are full and still leave plenty of room for the vocal. The vocal reverb sounds a bit much until the guitars kick in, then sounds about right. Variety of guitar sounds is good. Riding the fader on the vocal? Sounds good. Perhaps vocal a bit high.

    6. Thin intro. Reverb sound is a bit too much. Either the vocals have been tuned a bit (good) or the reverb wall covers the errors. Too much spread of sounds for me. Lacks presence. Vocal dynamic range needs attention, almost drops out in places.

    7. Instrument balance sounds odd to my ears. Also stereo spacing. Somehow lacks punch.

    8. Snare sounds flat. Bit nothingy overall. 'Wall of noise' guitars with nothing to grab the ear.

    9. Sounds like I'm hearing this out of a car at the end of the street with a 20" sub-woofer and the windows closed. Horrid cymbal sound right at the start. Good bass sound but too prominent. I suspect mastering EQ abuse. Vocal EQ sounds like tone control needs turning up Would be interested to know what monitors this was mixed on.

    10. Drums somehow lost, overcompressed? and odd drum EQ. Bit pumpy overall.

    11. Is that odd noise at the start supposed to be there? Like the guitar arrangement in intro. Like intro -> main part transition. Levels notably hotter on this mix (my volume control adusted to compensate). Decided I liked that snare sound by the end of the song. Cymbals perhaps a bit fizzy for me but otherwise quite like the overall sound - sounds urgent and emphatic. Outro much better than that silly acoustic nonsense.

    12. Ooh, nice low levels on intro. The meters aren't pegged! Like the drum mix. Great guitar - wall of sound without sounding like pink noise. Good all-round sound.

    My favourite mix is 4. Mixes 5, 11 and 12 would come next.


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    Mix 4 is my favorite too. The mix and editing are very well done. I really like what was done with the song editing, very creative and musical. It sounds really radio friendly too. I guess if I had to critique, that may be it, the vocals seemed just a tad over compressed to me but nothing disasterous.
    Well Done!

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