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Thread: What did you do and why

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    Sorry to all about my silence regarding the mixes. I'm just plain dissapointed about my own mix. I really wish I had more time for my mix. I had to do it in one afternoon and I was really stressed finishing something listenable. I didn't even care to listen for the gap between the string intro and the main song - it just looked good that way
    (note to self: never rush any mixes ever in your live)

    My main grief with this project were the guitars. I had so many tracks of guitars and didn't like any of those - silly me. I love it when the tracking engineer is committing to a sound - IOW one guitar = one track. I don't care for another ampsound - or I'd prefer to get one ampsound and one Di-guitar dircet feed (ampfarm is your friend here). Otherwise I thought the tracking was cool. Nothing I couldn't deal with if I had the time.

    As asylum sound I didn't care for editing the song to my liking because the producer gave me the tracks and I'm supposed to mix it - because I couldn't contact said producer I just mixed it

    I mixed the whole thing on a desk without any plugs (as far as I remember). I was certainly multing the whole drumset to a smashing comp (SSL-style - compressing the shit out of: kick-snare-toms) I didn't like one snare (don't remember which one -chorus or verse...) but I turned some eqs 'till I thought it's ok - I sure would replace that snare if I allowed more time to this project.
    The bass got it's healthy does of tube compression - eq - and 160 compression - nothing too crazy.
    I tried to get the guitars sounding the way I like it - but I failed miserabely Lots of eq and no fun - but this mix had to go out and that's what happened.

    I really like this kind of experience because I learn a new thing with every round - next time I take the time or I won't submit the mix.


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    This is the log I kept while working on 'Those Fools'. My mix was mix # 3.

    - removed guitar part
    - tuned voice with autotune
    - mapped tempo
    - added 'small wood room' reverb to vocal (TCElectronics Reverb 4000)
    - added C4 compressor to vocal
    - repositioned clarinet solo
    - removed clarinet chords (out of tune)
    - added delay to clarinet solo
    - re-timed organ stabs
    - added drum beat (kept original HH & snare/timbale)
    - added drum fills to chorus
    - removed kick track
    - added sax, trumpet to chorus
    - took chorus, made it intro
    - added alto sax to verse
    - added rhythm guitar
    - added extra hammond chords to chorus
    - more drum fills
    - transplant words 'talk about your fools' from first verse to last to eliminate hand clap
    - time compress above to compensate for tempo difference
    - remove noise from vocal track with silence in quiet bits
    - bit more vocal tuning
    - transplant organ (heh) to intro & time compress
    - re-jig vocal timing where it doesnt quite match tempo map
    - added backing vocals to last verse
    - added bari sax riffs to last verse
    - added hammond trills to last verse
    - master eq and compression (massivo & vari-mu)


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