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Thread: Violin --> Royer SF12

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    Default Violin --> Royer SF12

    Would be curious as to your opinion!

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    hmmm - for some reason, realplayer would not play the clip - said it needed updated support or something and then couldnt find it online. however, ivo sedlacek, a friend of mine from czech republic, responded less than enthusiastically, and he does tons of violin work, and i trust his opinion on it. OTOH, i owned a pair of royer r-121s and they were pretty tasty on nearly everything. in the end though, i decided that i just prefer the sound of goood condensers - the trick for top quality reproduction of classical instruments like strings, woodwinds, horns, etc, is to select condensers that have a neutral, flat reponse, such as the DPA 4011s or 4006s, AKG c480s, schoeps cmc641s or the wonderful mk2 caps.
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    As much as I am NOT a big Neumann fan, I would also add the U89/TLM170/TLM193 to your list. Not bright in the slightest-- a very well-behaved mic!

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