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Thread: Interview for the Turkish Magazine. Would you answer a few questions?

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    Default Interview for the Turkish Magazine. Would you answer 4 questions?

    Hi to All,

    i am a conservatory graduated musician, electroacoustic music composer, and master degree student of Istanbul Technical University, MIAM, istanbul.
    My final thesis :"audio summing in contemporary digital audio systems: theory and perceptual differences"

    It will publish in turkey's audio magazines,internet sites and also in my thesis. Dont scare, you dont have to say i heard 3khz less in this program etc.. Just write your taste. Please. This is perceptual test-interview. There is no true or false

    1-name age job
    2-are you a style sound engineer/musician?
    3-which plug-ins do you prefer and why?
    4-which audio system do you prefer and why?(sound color etc.)


    Kerem Aksoy
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