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    Default Focusrite Red 1

    After spending a weekend at Sound Hound in Studio G, I have an entirely new respect for the Focusrite Red 1 and the Sennheiser 416. Huge, gorgeous sound with an amazing low end.

    All of my current preamps are tube based, and I've often given thought to buying non-tube. How does it compare, specifically, to a the 2022?

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    The Focusrite Red 8 (2 channels) costs a lot less than the Avalon AD2022 (2 channels). The Red 8 usually sells for around $1200, more or less, on eBay. The Red 1 is the better deal because it usually sells for only a few hundred more and has 4 channels, as you know.

    I'm glad to hear that someone else besides me likes the way the Focusrite Red sounds. It is not too popular on this forum.

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    I'm also a big fan of focusrite red 1. Since I heard it on lynn preamp cd it was for me one of the top sound I heard on this cd along with tha avalon vt737 and GML. I'm going to buy one asap. To me it sounds better than other focusrite series it has a very good low and.

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    Every time I hear an acoustic instrument through a Focusrite red, it sounds fine, but it doesn't actually sound like the instrument itself. Maybe that's just me....

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