I recieved my preamps summit CD today...thanks Lynn...

well, i have listened thru once...and its quite enlightening.

Especially when you listen to individual tracks, and then as a stacked mix.

I am surprised on my first listen, which preamps i didnt like, and which ones I did.

I paid most attention to acoustic guitar, vocal and bass.

My favourite is R.

Interestingly my next favourite is T. Fair difference in price between R and T...I might have to look heavily into T.

Even more interesting is that I didnt like L or X. Also interesting is that I didnt like B.

Mind you all this is first listen....8).......

My only wish is a FMR RNP was included in the test....that would have been cool.....

but certainly,,,,i would like an R....8)...but...i am off to search info on T.

thanks for this its very cool.